• Yogi Rulez - Time Goes By (2022)
  • Time Goes By album by Yogi Rulez (2022)

Time Goes By

30 years of bedroom music production has finally resulted in the first official studio LP. The 43-year-old father of two comes up with an intimate self-confident record balancing between soulful electronica and calm triphop beats with contemporary jazz influences.

RELEASE DATE: 2022-10-01

LABEL: self-released


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Time Goes By does not reflect thirty years of playing the piano, but thirty years of playing around with the piano. The same goes for the drums. Creativity and gamification before craftsmanship. Art driven artist. Mood, atmosphere and emotion before melody and harmony.

I have come a long way from pure electronic music to more organic sound with influences of modern jazz and big calm chillout music. My instrumentals are always a result of music ideas, sound collages, experiments and improvisations. It took me a year to prepare the material for the record and it was more of an adventure than anything else.

  • Yogi Rulez - Microbiome EP (2020)
  • Microbiome EP by Yogi Rulez (2020)


Thirteen years after winning Starter talent scouting contest (Radio Wave), Yogi Rulez continues magic recording studio games balancing between downtempo and electronic jazz based on a fusion of double bass, rhodes piano and vibraphone mixed with fresh chillout grooves.

RELEASE DATE: 2020-10-28

LABEL: self-released


€2.50 Digital release


Everything bad is good for something. The lockdown caused by the COVID-19 epidemic created time and space to complete the sound work on the EP record, which I have been working on since 2019. Let me introduce you new musical genre called "lockdowntempo".

  • Yogi Rulez - Brand Nu Concepts (2007)
  • Brand Nu Concepts album by Yogi Rulez (2007)

Brand Nu Concepts

An older one old school LP based on unreleased tracks writen during years 2006 - 2007 when Yogi Rulez won talent scouting contest Startér on ČRO4 Radio Wave. Followed up with not very successful attemp to create own live nujazz band with Radek Krampl, Yannah Fabian, Martin Kuzma and Matěj Havlíček.

RELEASE DATE: 2007-08-25

LABEL: self-released

DISTRIBUTION: only on Bandcamp

€2 Digital release


This album is based on very old tracks, which were digitally remastered and reworked to reach best possible quality and transformed into a fully autonomous LP for long and dark nights.

  • Stanislav Puffler (MIDI, sampling, keyboards, beat programming)
  • Radek Krampl (vibes, marimba, compositions)
  • Jana Fabiánová (vocals on A Clyméne, Judges in a Matchbox, Arctic Blue)
  • Jan Pospíšil (rap on Soul Navigatin´)
  • František Bublík from North Czech Philharmonic (oboe on Nocturno)
  • Michal Pavlíček (guitar sample on Hot Lava)
  • Yogi Rulez - Contemporary Art from the Black Market (2007)
  • Contemporary Art from the Black Market EP by Yogi Rulez (2007)

Contemporary Art from the Black Market

Very first debut EP released by Language Lab net label in 2005. The intro reflected the disproportionate intervention of the Czech police at the CzechTek festival, which acted on the orders of Prime Minister Jiří Paroubek. Trafo was inspired by the golden era of big triphop names (Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky ...). Espirito Santo and Mecca are well-known singles that led Yogi Rulez to victory in the Startér (Český rozhlas, Rádio Wave) talent contest. 100 CDs with fine printed booklet artwork were released at own expense.

RELEASE DATE: 2005-12-06

LABEL: Language Lab


FREE Digital release

"Yogi Rulez guests for this cool and vibrant EP, chilled in the extreme with reggae, dnb and black america influenced vibes. Nuances of Dirty Harry era sounds and feelings intermixed with an up to date culture slant. An EP with many surprises and a well produced form - pure enjoyment."

"A great mix! A real pleasure of rythm, sound and texture's music."

  • Stanislav Puffler (composition, production, mix and master)
  • Lukáš Ballý (guitars on tracks 3 and 4)